Retro styled, hand crafted electric bicycles.

We wanted something different!

Old school style and production values, paired with modern electric drive technology.
A bicycle that is fun to ride and something that will last.

Rolling art. Your personality is unique.
Imagine an electric bike that gives you the freedom to express this!

We build our custom electric bicycles from the ground up, for you, to accomplish these goals.




We offer you two distinct paths:

The first and less costly path is the Michael Blast Greaser, it resembles the old Harley/Indian board track racers of the 1916's. It's a stylish, high quality, pre-assembled electric bicycle that comes in several standard colours.

The Greaser is a wonderful base that you can leave just as is, or have us make it more you.

So what exactly can we customize?

Here are some examples: Changing the tire style and colour; changing your riding position by switching out the handle bars; replacing the current fork with a springer fork, like those from classic bicycles; switching out the seat; adding a CycleAnalyst for much improved battery monitoring; tank options; custom leather and decal work.

We also offer a smart charger that has the potential to increase the life of your battery when used as instructed.

The second path, our full custom offering, opens up your options to about 7 different styles of classic cruiser bicycles, some with vintage motorcycle inspired looks, as well as a step through option. The handmade bicycle frames come from Italy and Germany.

We build each bike from the ground up for you, so almost everything that goes into it is customizable. You pick the frame style, colours and options.

We offer base versions of each style to give you a starting point. We do carry a sampling of completed bikes as well - custom bikes take a lot of time to build.

This second path also gives you several electric power options, from motor selection to battery size and more.

Modern tech and and equipment such as a CNC router enable us to design and fabricate all the custom parts needed to make you a very special electric bicycle.

Please note, a number of the pictures above have been made available by our supplier and their customers, in order for us to share what is possible and what we're busy working on, as you read this. We are making electric versions of the non-electric bikes you see above. Be sure to check out our "Custom Bikes" gallery from the menu above to get a closer look at what is available.

Stay up to date on our FB page. The Michael Blast Greaser is currently in stock! ($2599+taxes)



individuals who won't accept the standard

DSC_6317 small.jpg


dreamers who believed


Full circle, with a twist...
Early bicycles got engines and evolved into motorcycles.

Today, the electric motor keeps the bicycle experience alive, without any need to depart from it. It opens the doors to others with physical disabilities too!

Freedom to roam, in style, while getting the exercise we want.

The best of both worlds!